Shadow Degrees

NightLight Festival, 2015, Tel Aviv

Curators: Yasha Rozov, Ivry Baumgarten

Everyone has a shadow. When you walk at night under streetlights, It is always there, by your side, following. In this project the creators, Orian Sharoni and Ronny Ziss, invite you to explore and play with forms of your own shadow. In addition to the existing, natural shadow, alternative/computerized shadows are added: reversed shadow, white shadow, illustrated shadow and more.
On the technology: This project makes use of a laptop, connected to a webcam and a projector. The laptop runs an image processing software (written in MatLab).
The installation was initially presented at NightLight festival in Tel-Aviv. Later, re-presented at: Tel-Aviv Rothschild boulevard innovation week, Beer-Sheva "Southern glow" event and more.