Midburn, 2015

A large scale installation, a carousel , surrounded by eight poles with LED strips.
The project uses the POV (persistence-of-vision) concept, flickering the addressable LED strips in a way, that, once the carousel is spinning, images appear as if they are floating in mid-air.
The carousel was designed for 10-people load. Eight 2½ meter high LED strips were mounted around the carousel, on a 20-meter large circle.
The idea behind the project was to create an illusion of images, as if they are appearing like a hologram, inside the spectator's retina.  giving the impression of unconscious images.
A collaboration between Ronny Ziss, Matan Harel, Elad Ozeri, Anat Zayit, Shay Erov and Roee Shenberg.
Persistence of Vision concept: