Popcorn Machine 


This is a project by Yuval Kedem from studio Gelilo. I'ts a single (!) corn grain popping machine.
All mechanics performed by studio Galileo, while all electronics and programming is done by me.
Once a the machine detects a basket inserted into the dedicated slot, it wakes up, asking the user to feed a single grain of corn into the intake pipe and to press a button to start the cooking process. The machine cooks the grain with a stream of hot air from an industrial blower fan. It takes about 50 seconds for a corn grain to pop. During this time, 1970's 8-bit style "popcorn tune" is played. 
The mechanism is designed in such way, that once the corn pops, it will be directed towards the basket, changing the machine display to "Please take the box".
The single popcorn can now be served in the dedicated basket.