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Jerusalem Design Week2014

Curator: Saron Paz

This project is a collaboration between 4 artists: Eyal Gruss, Alon Gruss, BattGirl, and myself.
A dual tribute to the 1970's PONG computer game. Presented at Hansen exhibition house during 2014 Jerusalem Design Week.
The visitors can play an augmented reality pong game, hitting a virtual ball with their own hands. During the game, the player's gestures are translated into actual drawings. The drawings, painted on a real ping-pong ball in real time, giving each pair of players a unique souvenir with a physical manifestation of their own game.
For this Art installation we've used the EggBot, by Evil Mad Scientist Labs. However, the original Bot needed several modifications, including a second pen arm assembly, some LED lights, and mainly, an automatic ball-loading mechanism that selects one ping pong ball at a time, feeds it to the egg-bot, and ejects the ball when the game is done.